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EDS/UGS/Siemens Unigraphics licensing [ 12-Apr-2003 16:48 ]

Licenses for Unigraphics (UGS) NX v6.0, Unigraphics NX v5.0, Unigraphics NX v4.0, Unigraphics NX v3.0, Unigraphics NX v2.0, Unigraphics NX v1.0, Unigraphics v19.0, Unigraphics v18.0, Unigraphics v17.0, Unigraphics v16.0 are available for you (all preceding versions are also present, but there are doubts that they are still needed). Licenses are generated specifically for you/your company, they are absolutely original, to the eye, as well as to all types of testing (the latter has been also done by Unigraphics Solutions in Russia itself). These licenses are rid of much worrying shortcomings of licenses available on the "market" ("forums"):

  1. Problems with determination of a "pirated" license. As a result of it the edited files were contaminated: special signatures were added to them, saying that the files were created with a pirated version, along with impossibility to use them in the future because of error messages coming up: "Internal Error: Invalid Status 0x248. This part has internal inconsistentcies, please raport to GTAC." (new versions of UGS NX) or "The following files could not be loaded causing this open to fail; Internal error" (old versions of Unigraphics). The situation is really critical, when approx after one month of "common" using of license, all files, on which worked many years, stop to opens, and not only at your system, but at all systems (including original copies of software with original licenses);

  2. Problems with actual (physical) damage of prt-projects (.prt files). E.g., files with CAM data not only stop opening, but in some time after creation a part of information is deleted from them (Parasolid in particular);

  3. Impossibility to work with CAM (cam_base) as a result of specific built-in "problems" for pirated versions of licenses (incompatibility);

  4. Lack of not licensed modules (in licenses for some versions), which are often needed in work (there are many examples for that one, just for instance - lack of interoperability with MoldFlow, MoldWizard does not work, etc.);

  5. Lack of any tech support in case with problems with licenses, impossibility to change, update or modify anything.

There are many more technical issues, but most users do not need to know about them.

Over past years many mutually beneficial schemes were devised and used in work with clients concerning long-term licensing.

Furthermore, please, pay your attention once more to the fact that the licenses do not need your software to be changed in any way and they do not differ from original licenses (even to the eye), therefore it is very easy to increase the number of users or add some options that you need in your original license.

Please, be advised, that you can get licensing for other software of this type (CAD/CAM/CAE/...). You can request information on software you're interested in via e-mail.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Unigraphics (UGS) NX v6.0 [ 15-Jun-2008 15:48 ]

Unigraphics (UGS) NX v6.0 licensing (license) is also available now.

Unigraphics (UGS) NX v5.0 [ 02-Apr-2007 12:24 ]

Unigraphics (UGS) NX v5.0 licensing (license) is also available now.

Unigraphics (UGS) NX v4.0 [ 03-Feb-2006 01:07 ]

Unigraphics (UGS) NX v4.0 licensing (license) is also available now.

Unigraphics (UGS) NX v3.0 [ 08-Sep-2004 17:03 ]

Unigraphics (UGS) NX v3.0 licensing (license) is also available now.

Unigraphics (UGS) NX v2.0 [ 05-Aug-2003 16:12 ]

Unigraphics (UGS) NX v2.0 licensing (license) is also available now.

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