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Sentinel Query Collecting Utility - SENTqc [ 11-Nov-2004 18:29 ]

SENTqc collects information in form of queries-answers from an original Sentinel SuperPro dongle (e.g., a remotely accessible one). Naturally, you must know queries, cell numbers with algorithms, and Developer ID of the dongle (see dumps collection).

All above-mentioned technical information is entered into file in an according formati (you can looak at an example in the EXAMPLE directory):

After the work of the program (in case the input file was correct and if the dongle was connected, functioning normally and algorithms were active), query.out file will appear. It can be renamed to query.req and used with SENTmon as a working extra-dump.

In case you have any questions or requests, you can contact the developer at

Sentinel Query Collecting Utility v1.2 (SENTqc)
(c) 2004, Sp0Raw [ ],

You can download this program here.

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