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Emulator / monitor for Sentinel dongles (SENTmon) [ 14-Oct-2004 19:12 ]

SENTmon's overview

SENTmon is a software emulator/monitor for Sentinel dongles manufactured by Rainbow Technologies / SafeNet.

Supports all major dongle types: Sentinel, Sentinel Pro, Sentinel SuperPro, Sentinel UltraPro, Sentinel Scribe, Sentinel Scout, Sentinel C, Sentinel C Plus (A or B), NetSentinel.
Supports two generations of Sentinel SuperPro dongles: with Standard and Enhanced Query Algorithm.
Dongle emulation of any interface: USB, LPT, network.
Fully transparent for all drivers and applications. It implies that in case a dump of a dongle is not found, the software will try to access the dongle, which must be connected to the PC (LPT, USB, network dongle, etc.).
Complete emulation of all functions of dongle. That includes emulation of RNBOsproQuery function, which can be done in an original way (full emulation), as well as using table for certain queries. Moreover, when using table, a verification of random data is supported.
It is possible to have a log of the work with a dongle. All queries and dongle's (or emulator's) answers are logged. There are three logging modes: work with original dongle - in this case the program's work is studied, memory and data dump is made for RNBOsproQuery function; work with emulated dongle - in this case the logged data can be used for testing and debugging; combined work of dongle and emulator (changes in any parameters).
Emulation of Random Query is implemented, which allows to give correct answers to questions even without a dump of an original dongle.
Emulator does not depend on driver's version, does not need their modification or replacement, and therefore has no problem with software which tries to check signature, size, code segments, etc. of the original drivers.
Works with all DOS, WIN16, WIN32 applications. At this moments a version is implemented only for Windows NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003.
Supports any number of dongles. It is possible to replace dongle dumps or connected dongles on-the-fly.

Developed with new technology.
First version: 01-Oct-2003.
Last modification: v0.92, 14-Oct-2004.

If you have any questions, please contact me at

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