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Searching for HASP drivers [ 02-Jan-2003 19:33 / 12-May-2008 00:36 ]

Public request. Please, search for HINSTALL.EXE (HASP Device Driver Utility) on your hard drives. Look at the version numbers you have. Just execute the .EXE file without any parameters - and the version number will be written either in the windows or in its caption.

The following versions are NOT of any interest: v1.60, v2.01, v2.20, v3.01, v3.05, v3.10, v3.3a, v3.40, v3.61, v3.64, v3.72, v3.74, v3.81, v3.86, v3.99, v4.02, v4.13, v4.25, v4.35, v4.50, v4.65, v4.70, v4.75, v4.81, v4.85, v4.95, v4.96. Version numbers are needed that differ from the above listed.

If it is not too much trouble, please make a list of the versions you have and mail it to:

Thank you.

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