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New service: HASP dongle conversion! [ 11-Jan-2003 10:17 ]

A brand new service is available for suppliers and users of HASP dongles (third and fourth generations) manufactured by Aladdin Knowledge Systems.

The service is essentially a conversion of one type of dongles into another one (more expensive).

For example: you have a MemoHASP M4 - it can be converted into NetHASP-5, NetHASP-10 or even NetHASP-Unlimited.

Supported dongles:

Your benefit (the money you save) is obvious. While purchasing cheap dongles (e.g. for 5 users), you can get a dongle for 255 (or even an unlimited number) of users in an absolutely legal way - through our service.

The dongles do not differ from their original analogs in any way. The only difference might be the color of the dongle in case you converted from MemoHASP into NetHASP. They are identical in everything else.

The bigger the lot of dongles to convert, the better the price quotation you get. Please mail to:

Addendum: an important notice [ 24-Apr-2005 03:44 ]

Please, pay your attention to the fact that if you're using dongles with some software with specific protection implementation, then a simple change in "physical" parameters of the dongle (e.g. a conversion of NetHASP-5 into NetHASP-20) will not make the number of available users increase in the software. The reason for this is that specific protection implementations conduct licensing and evaluate number of users in their own way.

It is therefore that this service is primarily aimed at companies which want to save some money by going around the marketing policy of AKS. For example, you can purchase a lot of NetHASP-5 dongles and convert them all into NetHASP-Unlimited.

Simple calculations based on dongle pricing (April 2005). 200 NetHASP4-5 LPT-dongles cost 200 pcs. x $37.50 [USD] = $7'500 [USD]. If you're buying a lot of 101-200 pcs. NetHASP4-Unlimited dongles, then one costs about $255 [USD], that is 200 pcs. x $255 [USD] >= $51'000 [USD] for the lot. Total cost differs by almost 7 (sic!) times.

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