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Vendors of information security solutions [ 20-Apr-2005 14:46 ]

Below is a review of companies that manufacture software and hardware information protection systems, including software protection systems, and complex solutions for information protection. (The companies are presented in alphabetic order).

Company Site Information protection systems
Aktiv (main office, Russia)
Aladdin Knowledge Systems (AKS) (main office, Israel) (research laboratory, Germany) (dealer, Russia)
Beijing Spark Technologies .
CrypKey (main office, Canada) .
Dallas Semiconductor,
Maxim Integrated Products (MIP) (company has been bought, see MIP)
Data Encryption Systems (DES) .
eSafe (now owned by AKS) .
Eutron InfoSecurity .
Feitian Technologies (main office, China) .
MacroVision (company has been bought, see MacroVision)
MAI Digital Security .
MARX Software Security .
Micro Macro Technologies (main office, Israel; site was closed after the company was bought by AKS) .
Microcosm Ltd .
PACE Anti-Piracy (PACEAP) .
Rainbow Technologies,
SafeNet (site was closed, see SafeNet) (dealer, Russia) (main office, USA)
TechnoData Interware (TDi GmbH) .
WIBU Systems (main office, Germany)

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